2009 MJC JAE 08S203!
#1 Aishwarya
#2 Yi-Chen
#3 Bin Li
#4 Isabelle
#5 Wen Eng
#6 Wen Juan
#7 Liting
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2008 MJC JAE 08s203
#1 Aishwarya
#2 Yi-Chen
#3 Bin Li
#4 Isabelle
#5 Wen Eng
#6 Wen Juan
#7 Liting
#8 Sousata
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#10 Arravind
#11 King
#12 Ian
#13 Xu Tat
#14 Kim Hui
#15 Nashiran
#16 Kevin
#17 Zhen Jie
#18 Quan Xiang
#19 Shiva
#20 Zi Kai


Dr Joseph Vaz

Mr Daniel Nah
Mr Wong Hoe Sing
Ms Cindy Ong

Ms Chia Wai Leng
Ms Kok Ye Hong

Mr Robin Hon

Mr Kevin Hing

Glorious moments

~2008 science fiesta catapult best range
~2008 Best improved class in Physics
~Shiva the arm wrestling champion a.k.a airpork


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Dr Vaz's house BBQ(: 04.01.09
Chinese New Year Decorations :D by 20th jan
Ms Ong's Chem Spa test
2nd feb Econs test on inflation.
14th feb (sat) bikeathon CIP
16th feb (mon) chem test from organic intro - halo
19th feb (thurs) physics test chp11-13+gravitation
21st feb Road race
26th Feb (Thursday) A level's Chemistry SPA
27th feb (Fri) maths test : techniques of integration til differential eqn
2nd March(Mon) econs test - unemployment
6th Mar (fri) A lvl Physics SPA
9th mar (mon) chem test: halogeno to carboxylic acids
10th mar(tues) maths quiz: integration & differential eqn


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Saturday, July 11, 2009
class outing cont'd /// 8:30 AM


Let the pictures do the talking. :D

Saturday, June 6, 2009
Class Tee Shirt /// 5:37 AM

Hey ppl
this is regarding the class tee shirt
these are the colours available from class-t-shirt.com.
Though some of the colours here i see looks the same to me. If anyone of you have a better catalogue of their colours available from class-t-shirt.com or Wah Mee Silkscreen, do change this colour catalogue(:
Please choose 2 colours of your liking and send an sms or email to wenjuan or weneng your results.
Thanks alot:D:D

Friday, June 5, 2009
Prom 2009:D /// 3:46 AM

Hi all
This is an important annoucement regarding prom 2009.
I need you to do a survey and pls sms wen eng or wen juan your results.

1. Are you interested in attending prom 2009?

2. Pls state the maximum ticket amount you are willing to pay
-more than $90

3. Pls choose a theme( this is not a name of the prom, just a theme)
-Viva la Glam
-Life's a Beach
-Other suggestions

4. Where do you think it should be held?

-Marriott Hotel
this hotel has award winning restaurants, tgt with its unique design, a good choice for events to be held
-Hotel Intercontinental
An ideal venue for any occasion, from corporate meetings to grand gla dinner and wedding celebrations.
-RASA Sentosa
The only beachfront resort in Singapore, Rasa Sentosa Resort is set on the glistening Siloso Beach and overlooks the blue waters of the South China Sea, and cocktail area on the beach.
-Swissotel The Stamford
Offering panaromic views of the city, Swissotel the Stamford is Southeast Asia's tallest hotel, where the dining experience is renowned as the most exciting and complex in Asia.
-Alternative: Cruise
Yet, it can hold a maximum of 280 people. If it exceeds 280, another venue will be chosen.

Pls send an sms or email to weneng or wenjuan by this sunday 7th of june. Thanks:D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
chem holiday make up lesson /// 7:56 AM

CHEM MAKEUP LESSON 1.45pm tuesday 2nd june.

Saturday, May 23, 2009
19 more weeks to the A'levels /// 8:10 AM

- 8 more days to gp Mid year Exam!

Homework updates again!

  1. chemical & ionic equilibrium MCQ time-trial (tues)
  2. periodicity tutorial (tues)
  3. group2 tutorial (tues)
  4. grp 7 tutorial (tues)
  1. quantum physics assignment(mon)
  2. EMI time-trial (mon)
  1. hypothesis tutorial (mon)
  2. hypothesis assignment (mon)
  3. correlations tutorial
  1. read up on traffic congestion (market failure)  (mon)
  1. Tell Wen Eng which game elective you want to take
  2. wear pe t-shirt on monday for the soccer match
  3. wear triton tee for colosseum on wed

Friday, May 22, 2009
Games Electives for JC2 /// 7:36 PM

This is an important announcement regarding Game Electives

For students who have passed your NAPFA, hurray! (Boys- silver, Girls- Bronze):
Please Select 5 electives from the list below and rank them in order of preference. Availability of the games will depend on the sign up rate. PE dept reserves the right not to conduct any games should there be insufficient students.

For those who are on long term MC:
if you are able to participate in physical activity, please select 5 electives from the list and rank them in order of preference. You are expected to report for PE lessons as per normal.

For those who have signed up as student instructors:
1. Student instructors will teach only 1 period per week. You are expected to sign up for game electives for the other period.
2. Student instructors are to select 5 electives from the given list. Rank them in order of preference.
3. Student instructors will be asked to teach only if there are enough sign-up to start the class.
4. Student instructors who did not pass the NAPFA test, or had not completed NAPFA will not be allowed to teach.

List of games available:

Please note that all games will be taught at introductory level. Please do not sign up for it if you already know how to play the game.:D

1. Indian Dance
2. Floorball
3. Handball
4. Hockey
5. Lacrosse (In case you are wondering what that means, do click on the word for a video on it.)
6. Netball (For Boys)
7. Rock Climbing and Abseiling
8. Soccer (For Girls)
9. Softball
10. Squash
11. Table Tennis
12. Tennis
13. Touch Rugby
14. Ultimate Frisbee
15. Volleyball
16. Weights Training- Gym etiquette

Please inform me on this coming Monday, 25th May 2009, which 5 electives you are interested in. thanks:D

Saturday, May 16, 2009
HOMEWORKssssssss /// 7:19 AM

It's the end of the weekdays again. And we all know that it's time to get down with some serious work. 
But before that, farewell to our dear classmate Yi-chen! Thanx for being our classmate for this 1.5 year. you will be greatly remembered, as the most quiet and prettiest girl in class. ^^ 

Ok. homework updates for this week:
  1. Basic Electrochem Revision (tues)
  2. Electrochem MCQ time-trial (tues)
  3. Periodicity tutorial (tues)
  4. Grp 2 Tutorial (tues) (we haven't got it yet)
  5. Study for Electrochem test on next thursday (21/5/09)
  1. Study for Alevel physics SPA!!!
  2. quantum physics tutorial
  3. study for thermal and quantum physics test on 27/5/09
  4. Quantum physics assignment
  1. Complete sampling tutorial (mon)
  2. Sampling assignment (mon)
  3. do Half of Hypothesis testing tutorial (mon)
  4. finish til summation for maths revision package

Group task:
Choose a person from each category that you think is the world's most influential person and justify your choice.
-Leaders & Revolutionaries
-Builders & Titans
-Artists & Entertainers
-Heroes & Icons
-Scientists & Thinkers

  1. Qn4 of revision package
  2. start revising for mid years!

Friday, May 8, 2009
Happy vesak day! /// 9:26 AM

Happy vesak day!
Holiday=Homework-licking day.
(PS: Thursday operates on monday's timetable!)

  1. Thermochem test corrections (by tues)
  2. electrolytic cell part 1 revision (by tues)
  3. Electrochem part 2 tutorial EVERYTHING (tues & wed)
  4. MCQ time-trial (chem bonding) (by tues)
  1. thermal physics assignment
  2. quantum tutorial
  3. Study for physics SPA!
  1. Sampling tutorial til qn 9 (tues)
  2. finish til summation for maths revision package
  1. study for econs test on BOP (tues)
  2. Do binded revision package qn3 if you haven't done so
  1. GP essay + simple plan if you haven't handed in yet
  2. IVLE forum: 

    Follow all the instructions carefully and complete all the tasks by FRIDAY, 8th May. Mr Hing takes this assignment seriously so please do a proper job of it.

    Task 1

    Go to TED.com and choose TWO videos to watch.

    Please choose your videos wisely. Try choosing videos which could be relevant for your understanding of GP topics.

    Task 2

    After watching each video, SUMMARISE each video in about 50 words. You are to USE YOU OWN WORDS, and not copy and paste from the website. You can give a summary of all the key ideas presented or what the video is about. This is good practise for putting your ideas into words.

    Task 3

    Go online and find 1 relevant article for each video you watched. The articles should be related to the topic that was presented in the video. However, it need not be talking about exactly the same thing as some topics could be very general.

    Task 4

    This is the most important task, and will be graded. Give a review of the video or article that you have found. Do the review as you would complete an application question.

    Minimum 120 words.


    2 videos

    2 summaries

    2 articles

    1 review

    Type out your work and save them in a word document. But you should  POST ALL of your work in a REPLY to this thread, so that your classmates can also see what you have reviewed.

    NOTE: Students with no access to IVLE should borrow their friends account for the time being

  1. Do travel declaration on ISIS!!!
  2. rest well :D
  3. thursday changed to monday timetable
  4. CIP people, proposal is due on sunday; next meeting on monday @ SEDC 
  5. PAY CLASS FUND $20 if you haven't done so!

Friday, May 1, 2009
happy labour day!! /// 3:50 AM

Hi! i think i won't be updating anymore homework on this blog (unless anybody strongly wants me to do so) cos it seems like not much people are looking at it. haha but anyways, here goes this week's homework pile, and 
HAPPY labouring on LABOUR DAY! YAY~

  1. Electrochem tutorial Part II Qn1-12 (Thurs)
  2. hand in MCQ (chem kinetics) (tues)
  3. periodicity e-learning (tues)
  4. e-learning + quiz (by tues)
  5. study for CHEM SPA!
  1. Study for maths test on P&C, probability, binomial&poisson and normal distribution (Fri)
  2. complete Normal distribution tut
  3. normal distribution assignment
  4. sampling e-learning if u haven't done yet
  1. physics thermal assignment (after chem spa)
  2. start on quantum physics tut
  3. study for superposition quiz on monday
  1. Orange binded revision package Essay Qn 3(a),(b)
  1. Write out essay + simple plan (mon)
  1. update SGC
  3. If your parents want to, sign the withdrawal form for the sexual education 
  4. send in class t-shirt designs

Friday, April 24, 2009
HOMEWORK UPDATES again... /// 6:37 AM

Righto. i think this week's homework is COOL man.. really lots of stuff. AGAIN. so better take note ok?!

ok i think that's all for this weekend's homework. any mistakes please edit yourself. thanx!
And those who haven't paid up your class fund yet, please do so automatically. :D

~Wen Juan

Thursday, April 16, 2009
HOMEWORK again... /// 9:52 AM

YAY! there's alot of homework to be done this week!!! :D
For those who are concerned (and those who are not),






if there are any mistakes in the HW list, please kindly edit :D

Friday, April 10, 2009
HOMEWORK! /// 8:14 AM

YAY! Now i know all of you will have at least an 'A' grade in your final Alvl report card :D The rest of the subject grades will still be a mystery but u know well you can increase your probability of getting 'A's :D
But before you get all high and elated about PW, do spend some time thinking about (and doing) the mountains of HOMEWORK you will have to complete this weekend:
  1. Thermochem exercise Qn1-7
  2. thermochem tutorial til Qn 15 (16&17 if you're fast)
  3. organic MCQ, blue booklet(organic revision)
  4. TJ MBT time trial
  5. for grp X- study revision notes & concept map for monday's test, and go photocopying shop to get organic practice qn
  6. study thermo chem definitions & eqns for Tuesday's test
  7. Study SPA skill A


  1. Binomial & poisson distribution tutorial (do as much as you can)
  2. intro to stats assignment (if you have not handed in)


  1. EMI tutorial and assignment
  2. AC tutorial
  3. EMI & AC elearning if you haven't done so


  1. essay: what are the causes of recession in singapore (2008-2009) recently? [10]



Wednesday, April 8, 2009
PW rox /// 6:16 AM

Although i predict no one will come and read this blog, just wanna wish all 08s203 peeps all the best in recieving ur PW results, probably tomorrow. =x.
YAY! we've all worked hard for it, put in our best foot forward, so it's time we get what we deserve! (A grade!) :D

on the other hand, be mentally prepared for the worse...

Thursday, March 12, 2009
say HELLO to March block test! /// 7:03 AM

If you are not anticipating any intense studying sessions yet, this should get into your mind NOW: (say this pledge please)
"hello Mr/Mz March block test! I swear i will conquer you, make sure you don't challenge my intelligence, prevent you from going down the drain, and give me all the As that i deserve. (and being a proud MJ student, you know clearly more than anyone else that you OUGHT TO/HAVE TO/MUST study haaaaard in order to DESERVE the As)"

You will most probably go.. " huh... how to study hard. I study also cannot get good grades... :( " Relax ok? There's still hope in this one precious week.
I can't emphasise this enough but just a cliche yet valuable advice from the study guru,
Plan your March holidays time wisely.
don't do unecessary things and regret after that, knowing you could jolly well have used the time to study for the extra marks needed.

It isn't the really major exam like your Alvls yet. but as quoted from the teachers, this will be a real gauge as to how well prepared you are, at this stage, for the coming A levels.
so, in other words, you choose your own destiny yeah?

anyway, just a gentle reminder, complete the following before chem consultation:
As for maths, it is strongly advisable for you to print out the past year MBT papers and practice on them
For econs, do e-learning. ( i think it's on exchange-rate determination... there's alot of the e lessons available so i don't know which it is.. but there's only assessment on the exchange rate determination)
For physics, you heard what Dr Vaz said. don't just spend your time on one subject, or rather other subjects, alone. Revise your tutorials and lecture notes and attempt the TYS qns.
For GP.. i don't really have any idea of what to do, but there's GP consultation slots available on Saturday, 9-11am.
That's all for this week's homework update! not much of homework besides preparation for MBT :D

P.S : take note that this is not for self-indulgence but for a real purpose in motivating you 08S203 folks to get hyped up in studying. :D

Wish the lot of you all the best for March Block Test.
Keep your brain healthily exercising! :]


Friday, March 6, 2009
Econs- mr hon's answers /// 8:51 AM

ECONS ANSWER (might not be complete)

Slowdowns in US, Eurozone, Japan and Asia --> lower income as well as les optimistic business outlook and lower consumer confidence --> lower demand for consumer goods including imports from Singapore. Demand for imported goods are income-induced. As a result, Singapore will reduce exports to these regions --> fall in net export --> multiple contraction of national income and hence negative economic growth in singapore.

The global financial and economic shocks will be transmitted to domestic economic activity both directly and indirectly. The global financial crisis 2008/2009 and the resultant squeeze in liquidity and credit impinge on domestic economic activities in 3 main ways:

Firstly, the crisis has an immediate impact on the sentiment-driven segments on the financial sector, such as wealth advisory and brokerage & treasury activities.
Second, as consumer sentiment weakens, this has a direct bearing on domestic-oriented activities such as retail trade and those related to the property market.
Third, the repercussions on the external-oriented sectors come indirectly through a widespread contraction in economic activity and a sharp pull back in spending in the external economies, including Asia. Given open nature of Singapore economy, a large proportion of the industries such as manufacturing, transport-hub and tourist services are quickly affected by the fall in external demand.

Subsequently, as business conditions worsen, companies’ profits margins are squeezed, forcing them to curtail investment spending and cut back on employment and wages. This later in turn further dampens consumer sentiment and consumption, thus exacerbating the contraction in domestic-oriented activities. As a result, Singapore economic growth has been negatively impacted.

Homework updates /// 5:35 AM

The weekends are coming, yet again...
so naturally, you will expect HOMEWORK to pile up again.. but please try your best and make sure u clear those homework too ok? :D
It's gonna be a tough week ahead with MARCH BLOCK TEST around the corner.. but perservere on!! i believe everyone of us in 08S203 still has the chance to do well in march block test so jiayou jiayou!! don't slack or procrastinate too much! you just need to make full use of the weekends. :]
ok anyways, these are the homeworks to be done by this weekend:


  1. nitrogen compounds tutorial (at least qn 1-4) + concept map
  2. STUDY FOR MONDAY'S COMMON TEST : halogenoalkanes to carboxylic acid (learn alkenes & arenes concept map too)
  3. *start on your block test revision package


  1. Electromagnetism tutorial
  2. electric field assignment (by mon)
  3. *start revising physics, do tys etc.


  1. complete P&C tutorial
  2. Start on probabilty tutorial
  3. *start practicing the extra/self practices behind your tutorials


  1. Do AQ on GP forum (refer to the passage went through)
  2. *read up on current affairs; download the powerpoint slides Mr Hing uploaded on IVLE


  1. Copy finish from your friends (I will probably post the full essay tomorrow) the econs essay Mr hon flashed to us the last tutorial
  2. *start revising your macro stuff; dig out questions to ask Mr hon; book a consultation slot with him (according to experience, it's quite effective :D )
*optional, but strongly advised to do so.
Please make the changes if i typed something wrong or missed out any homework. :D
~Wen Juan
P.S :( aim for Ms Ong's Pizza!! study hard for the upcoming test!!!)
remember.. perspectives

Economics Consultation Details /// 3:59 AM

March Block Test is Coming.
This is the Economics Consultation time slots available with Mr Hon,
Tuesday: 7.55am-11.15am
Wednesday: 10.25am-1.45pm
Friday: 7.55am-8.35am AND 9.35am-11.15am

*Only Macro Issues
*No more than 3 students
*No last minute booking

All the Best for march block test:D

Thursday, March 5, 2009
Nick Vujicic /// 5:07 AM

Invasion by KENJI !

Anyways, i don't know why nowadays i keep coming across these motivational videos or one of my friends would introduce it to me.
So i shall share it with you guys so that we can keep our aim(A's at A'levels) ...


This is just some of the more popular videos.
Do check out the rest under the 'Related Videos' section for your own reference.

I think this should be the video that will keep us motivated to do well.

Hope you guys will appreciate it.
Good luck for Physics SPA tomorrow.



Word Illusions /// 2:28 AM

Cool Word Illusions - Click here for more amazing videos

Monday, March 2, 2009
Lost Generation /// 5:59 AM

In response to wen juan's root bear---by Danny /// 3:54 AM


Sunday, March 1, 2009
Yeah people,it is now time to mug!---Danny /// 3:20 AM


Friday, February 27, 2009
HOMEWORK /// 6:36 AM

updates on homework for this week:






NUS open house /// 5:06 AM

NUS Open House:
14 & 15 March (sat& sun)

anyone interested to go as class outing? :D

Thursday, February 26, 2009
/// 10:43 PM


Saw this while blog hopping and decided to find the actual article.
Polytechnic Student dies before exam.
He threw up his lunch and then followed by a lot of blood, while studying halfway with friends.

Was thinking like how many of us are already falling sick and looking so pale during lessons. So even though we want to score good grades for our March block tests, lecture tests to come as well as the A'levels, please don't push your body over the limits. Drink plenty of water and have a good diet + exercise regularly.

I know this is random.
Oh well, just take care guys. 
It would be damn ~!@#$%^&*()_+ if one of your close friends just leave you on one fine day and there you are, knowing he/she will never be coming back again. \:


Sunday, February 22, 2009
Work for you to do at home. muahahaha! /// 4:21 AM

Updates on your lovely homework for this weekend!

1) chem hydroxy tutorial qn 5, 6 by mon, qn 7, 8 by Tues (try to do concept map too)
2) Maths differential eqn tutorial (by tues) + definite integrals assignment
3) Physics SPA (just draw the graph??)
4) GP project on poverty/hunger by Sunday
5) Physics e-field tutorial (plus elearning?)
6) econs essay (i duno if we still have to do...) : critically examine the view that supply-side policy can solve the problem of unemployment [15]
8) STUDY for math test : integrals & differential eqn

last but not least, rest well for the tough week ahead yea? :D


Saturday, February 21, 2009
Road Race! /// 4:54 AM

2009 MJC road race.
haha. :P

Thursday, February 19, 2009
/// 11:35 PM

ok i'm gonna delete this jinxed or cursed photo in my phone so i'll just leave it here to rot. haha.
This photo spells SPASTICISM...

March Block Test /// 2:13 AM

I guess this might be the post you'd hate, but anyway here goes:


1. Calculus(Maclaurins', Differentiation, Integration)
2. Curves(Graphing Techniques)
3. Vectors
4. Permutations and Combinations
5. Probability
6. Bridging Topics( Partial Fractions, Trigonometry)

*Format test: 2 case study + 1 essay(choose out of 2)*
1. All Macroeconomics( excluding international trades)

1. Forces and Dynamics
2. Oscillations
3. Superposition
4. Current Of Electricity
5. DC circuit
6. Electric field
7. Electromagnetism


Organic Chemistry:
1. Introduction to organic Chemistry
2. Alkanes
3. Alkenes
4. Arenes
5. Halogeno Derivatives
6. Hydroxy Compounds
7. Carbonyl Compounds
8. Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives
9. Nitrogen Compounds
10. Protein Chemistry

Physical Chemistry:
11. Chemical Bonding
12. Chemical Equilibrium
13. Chemical Kinetics
14. Redox Chemistry
15. Atoms, Molecules and Stoichiometry

jiayou studying for MBT! :D

p.s. do correct any mistakes on this post, thanks :D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
I slap you by southpark /// 6:13 AM

I SLAAAP YOU ar. sounds familiar? hehe


HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN (18/2/09) AND KEVIN (26/2/09) !!!
the cake so nice right? :D
the 2 excited souls hearing us sing... happy b'dae to u, happy b'dae to u, happy b'dae to (ianandkevin) , happy b'dae to youuuuuuuu..
and presenting the cooolest birthday card of the year! ..
(uh is this how a guy usually write/draw a card to another guy? hmm interesting...)
Sorry cake!! this was the end result when we tried cutting the cake PROPERLY. All the fruits blehhh in the middle cos it was hard to cut the fruits :P
anyway, hope u guys enjoyed the yummy cake!! :D

Monday, February 16, 2009
The Uncertain, the Horny and the Innocent /// 6:08 AM

This was taken today in the taxi for our mini CIP. Xu Tat was caught discovering he is actually man...maybe not. While Kenji(as always) is staring at Ah Pek's erm...stuff. Ah Pek, being truly innocent,poses for the photo. Glad I'm not in the picture.Danny

Saturday, February 14, 2009
bikeathon CIP /// 11:44 PM

Credits to the photographer!!
Sorry we dun hav pictures without the bikes although it's a bikeathon. These are all the photos the photographer sent. kenji please ask him to send the rest too!! :P
:D hope you guys had loads of fun during the event! and thanx for joining the cip!
OH! and remember to study for your chem test alright?